Monday, September 15, 2008

Lines and play

I said I was playing with Lines - I have an interesting block I did some rubbings and casting with. This first pic is of tissutex sprayed with Moonshadow Mist, rubbed with Shiva stiks over my block and with aaded machine and hand stitch.

Then I twin-needled it all and hand stitched my cast to the surface.

More to come - I have done lots of rubbings to a piece of hand dyed and printed fabric for more development and the above piece needs mroe hand stitch.


Genie said...

Looks interesting Dale
lovely colour

Ev said...

I love these, it is interesting to see how the final piece started. It is good to be able to click on the image to look in more detail - almost as good as seeing it IRL. Than you Dale for your constant inspiration.

Ev said...

well I don't know what a Than is but I meant to say Thank You LOL. Think my wireless keyboard may need new batteries!

Gill G said...

I love the colours too - it all looks so easy and I wish I had lots of time. Look forward to the end product.

Doreen G said...

Holy Guacomole Batman where did you think that one up from---It looks fantastic.


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