Monday, September 01, 2008

lotsa good books

4 new books arrived today and any minute I am off to bed to have a read. Ian didn't quite get the newsletter finished - his part - but it will go out tomorrow. Got the 4th lesson for Embellish Stitch Enrich all finished though. And I have been busy collecting up the necessary goodies for my new Kimberley Dreaming Kit - plus a little bit more playing time with silk paper making and the Radiant mists and also Colorwash. Anything in a spray bottle isn't safe around me at the moment.

These are the latest 2 books in the Double Trouble series - both a little different from before - the first one explores locations really and dwells on where Jan and Jean work. If only I was so organised when I am on holiday. but there are lots of super things to think about as they explain more of their workings rather than technique. These 2 gurus of the embroidery world are always worth reading - they are both such dedicated artists.

Below is the latest in the embellisher world from Sheila Smith who has written extensively on felt making in the past. This time she is using an embellisher like we do from her perspective.

And finally, even though I choose not to dye these days, a very resourceful book from June Barnes.


Gina said...

I bought the last one at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham but I've got a feeling the other three are going on my list!

maggi said...

Hi Dale I bought June Barnes' book and it was worth it for the colours and the inspirational pieces alone. Have just been checking out my dyes and love the fact that I have enough to start making some samples and then try out the process.

Doreen G said...

Nice books Dale--which reminds me the CPS arrived yesterday and I haven't opened the packet yet.


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