Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Spring means that the bulbs are up - the early ones were the confused ones - now we have the real ones - lots of freesias and hyacinths in our garden. I can never remember what was there from other years and always get a surprise to see them again.

These are my new purple Arche shoes - so super comfortable.

and these are the two tiny mice who peer out of the studio checking up on anyone coming in and out.

Today we have pretty well finalised the Embellish Stitch Enrich Challenge - the theme is Connections and the information will be on here and our website in the next few days. It is to be a travelling exhibition - we are just finalising the venues but hopefully Melbourne in Feb, to Brisbane, Perth, London and on our website and a couple of magazines. So polish up your embellishers and wait patiently.

Tania - yes we had a lovely time in Balingup indeed and no we were not in costume but happy visitors!

Alison - please do bring out your wonderful specs - I think they were from the 80s . I still have them though. Very heavy on the nose.

Tonight we are off to the ACO concert - Fiona tells me it is a particularly good one so can't wait. Always a special treat.


Elizabeth said...

What amazingly cool shoes.
Exactly what I'd wear.
How odd that you are having spring just when we are entering autumn and back to school - except not me any more..........
All best wishes from New York.

HDD said...

Love the shoes too. And you keep temping us with all those wonderful books! Running out of time to read them all Dale

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely shoes, great colour for spring, roll on the warmer weather, I'm totally over cold weather and coughs and colds.

Gill G said...

I love the shoes too - always looking for something different. Are they leather?? The little mice are so cute - just what out for the moggies!!


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