Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wintery wednesday

Winter came back today and we had lots of heavy rain - very nice - we will soon miss it.
I am not a dollie person as many people know but this new book by Ray Slater which I never would have got in except that a few people pestered me, is very good indeed. It is all the other stuff which appeals to me - the interesting fabrics she has made and stuff.

I have finally got my new Kimberley Dreaming Kit all made - the bookmarks arrived from Broome and I had stuff spread all around the kitchen while I got them packed. Quite pleased with it really. Jacinta has dyed up all manner of strange fibres for me to include - she calls some of the yeti arm pit hair but don't let it put you off.

Last night we went to Musica Viva concert it was very good and our own fault we were late and had to sit outside until the end of the first piece. It was the Eggner Trio and they really enjoyed their playing and so did we.

Thanks for the coment on the line piece -I am still working on it. I have done rubbings on a fat quarter of hand dyed fabric - I very rarely buy fabric but I saw a pile I thought would go well with my rust stuff and I have been staring at them for some time.Ii think I will twin needle it on the diagonal and then cut it up. The tissutex piece is not as red as it looks - I have sprayed it with Moonshadow Mists in Copper, Blue and Red so I guess the pink is showing on the scan. I have done more hand stitching - it will be the centre of whatever it becomes. But I will have to stop and get back to Geelong thinking and packing and London thinking and packing. I have started working on my Ally Pally workshop.

Tonight we are off to Sweet Java - a lovely little Indonesian restaurant we discovered not far away.

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