Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday before sunday

You will all be delighted to hear that Wellington won the Ranfurly Shield today - after 27 years in the wilderness. 27 - 0. And the Silver Ferns beat Aust in the netball and after the Warriers win last night in the rugby league, that's a pretty good run.

I am off to Geelong tomorrow at 6.10am to Forum to teach and trade - just one half a suitcase to pack - that's my clothes etc part. Ian has reminded me that I am only one person and not to fuss about what I haven't taken. I will be back next Saturday. Thanks to all the people who have commented or emailed me with their sewing thoughts. I am none the wiser actually - I suppose we will get them - have to decide soon.


Aussie Jo said...

Go the Cats!!!! Enjoy your stay in Geelong, I'll pop in Saturday.

Gill G said...

Your braving it going to Geelong on Grand final week!!! I guess it wasn't difficult getting a ticket home on Saturday - we are off to neighbours with pie and wine in hand to watch - am not a footy fan but like the neighbours!! Have fun.

Ali Honey said...

Yes, I thought you'd be pleased with Wellington's win!


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