Thursday, September 04, 2008

few ramblings

The ACO concert last night was sublime - I am so used to Nigel Kennedy playing the Four Seasons I don't usually listen to anyone else. However, Alina Ibragimova played so superly and sublimely and really she doesn't look strong enough. We came home full of extra joy.

The QA Gifts has arrived - over half we preordered so they have all gone off to their new homes. Anyone who came to my workshop in Wanaka will recognise my flowers in the magazine. It is a bumper issue and Beryl Taylor has some wonderful work in it in her lovely gentle style.

The eeepc is back home at last and with exits and inserts and a new something which means we will be able to load pics from the camera while we are away in London etc in October.

I managed to get most of my new Kimberley Dreaming Kit ready to package but waiting patiently on my postcards of Broome to arrive. And I have started on another one while I am in that sort of creative mode.

This is a basket of the rovings which we now have - nice and thick and of course beautifully dyed by Jacinta. I bought the lot so when they have gone that will be it until we manage to track down some more. They are not on the website yet (Ian has been working furiously to load new stuff this week) but in all sorts of colours - 5 metres for $3 so good value.

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HDD said...

Wow she looks so young! Is she a child? Looking forward with grear anticipation to my copy of Quilting Arts Gifts
Heather Qld


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