Sunday, September 14, 2008

can't resist this one too

I couldn't resist this one too - it was a very satisfying end to the Tri Nations and Bledisloe Cup after a controversial time this season. Actually both sides played well and I was worried - but Ian does point out that I am always worried until the very last second.

So now I can get back to more pressing matters - have started packing the boxes for London, have started sorting my stuff for teaching in Geelong, have started accumulating what goes in the suitcases for Geelong, have nearly got everything to send to Canberra for the Embroiderers' Guild display and have been playing with water soluble paper and Tissutex and Radiant Rains. I am working on some patterns which I hope to develop with hand stitch as well and thinking more of my little rust book which has been neglected lately. Plus I have found that ironing gummy cocoon strippings between two layers of Tissutex makes a wonderful surface which the embellisher doesn't mind. Oh and I still have to sort pictures for my talk at Geelong.

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bitchinatstitchin said...

Sitivatu is a hottie and the entire All Black lineup make good eye candy much to the disgust of my significant other because I always cheer for the All Blacks


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