Monday, September 08, 2008


Springtime is a wonderful time of the year in Perth - before it gets too hot - we had a very relaxing weekend pottering about in the garden, going up the road for coffee and breakfast yesterday at Sotos before all the lucky Dads got there. Just in the nick of time too. Very lazy but at least the front garden is looking much tidier. We hav e had little birds helping us in the garden - they love our place because we have lots of trees. The bottlebrush is just starting to emerge.

I have been busy packaging and packing stuff for Geelong Forum and for London - those boxes have to go the Monday after I get back from Geelong so my brain is doing two lots at once - not easy. Have also finalised the next two on-line workshops - the Embellish Stitch Enrich current one is going well and they are producing some lovely work. And Ratty Tatty Papers is making excellent progress too. As part of my playing for that I have found this wonderful adhesive paper lace. Below is the black one sprayed with Glitz Spritz. It's wonderful. You get a packet with the 4 different laces - we currently have 3 different white ones and 1 black set and you peel off the back (which you can use as well over fusible webbing) and stick it down. All manner of possibilities. I have left the top black so you can see better when you enlarge as always.

Very interesting election results in WA - hope the Nats stick to their guns and get whatever it is that they want.


artisbliss said...

Love these paper laces, Dale.

Maggi said...

Just seen your 'Bouquets of Greetings' in Quilting Arts Gifts. They look fantastic and already my head is buzzing with ideas. Thanks for sharing. Maggi

Gill G said...

Lacey bits look great - must order some!!! Are they easy to sew over?! Yes, interesting election - it was hard to decide in the first instance who to go for - they both had their faults!! Love Daleunder blogging and always look forward to reading it!


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