Sunday, August 31, 2008

end of the weekend

Busy weekend and quite a bit achieved really. Having got the kitchen cleared from being a warehouse on Friday morning, more stuff arrived - the Valdani shipment - see the new 60wt solid colours on the web and the new lower prices for all the Valdanis. Then an enormous shipment of more sari ribbon, sari twist, silk yarn and more turned up not to mention a few other things so everything was chaos once more but after a weekend of sorting and packaging things are almost back to normal. We have worked right though though apart from an outing to watch the rugby last night where the Wallabies got ever so soundly beaten. It should be a great game in Brisbane.

This is my Nana when she was 19 - I have printed out one of the old photos I brought back from NZ onto silk inkjet paper and put it onto a Moonshadow Misted Tissutex background. If you enlarge the pic you will be able to see some Grungeboard and some of the sticky lace tape I have found. We should have that in stock this week. I sprayed it with Moonshadow Mist and whilst one side sticks on, the other side I used onto webbing so you can double dip. Easy to stitch on if you wanted to.

Then I have been making silk paper using cocoon strippings and the fabulous Radiant mists which I am so pleased with. Top one has scrim and a skeleton leaf in it and the bottom one some Grungeboard added. I am still spraying anything which stays still long enough but not the next door neighbour's cat, Mango. She walks in and out at will and makes herself at home while her owner is at work during the day.

This morning we went to Soto for breakfast and it was good to get out of the house and walk and relax.

Another busy week coming up but at least I have been able to tick a few jobs off my list including my part of the newsletter for tomorrow's posting.

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