Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wonderful wonderful All Blacks

How could I have doubted them? Back in all their glory. We were working when the game was on but Bruce videod it, Jonathan played bluff (he is an Aussie supporter) and they won!!! Here is Jimmy Cowan - I reckon he is worth his weight in gold.

I have been AWOL I know but we have been flat out getting ready for the Perth show, it took all of Thursday to pack the van in pouring rain, do two trips to the showgrounds, unpack the van in pouring rain and then work Friday and Saturday so far. One more day and pack up and everything home to unpack, sort, etc etc. It is a fabulous show so far and the participants in my hands on - Ratty Tatty Papers, have all been wonderful. I am starting an online workshop in Jan - Ratty Tatty Papers - so this was a good little taster.

I have taken photos but Ian is sound asleep on the sofa with a smile on his face after the AB win so I will be back on Monday to show you a bit of the show.

In the meantime, Helen Cowans, one of our two guests, is running a workshop on making her fabulous towers - on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for any Perth people who would like to join in.

And next week I will tell you about next year's guest so watch this space,

The Wild Women challenge was wonderful and I will have pics and also the Art to Wear has been to die for - some fabulous work from students in the Perth area.


Penny said...

thought there might be a smile on your face! I have been watching Perth's rainfall, you are certainly getting it this winter. we managed average for July, first time for about 2 years we have had an average monthly rainfall. The creeks are still not flooding though, we are not getting it in big enough bursts, I think you get it all first!

Ev said...

I certainly appreciated the time it took to set up the stand *big grin* I excelled myself this year with my purchases over 3 visits to your stand. It was good to actually have room to move about this year(and to see a lot of the stuff you did for the online workshop up close and personal) I didn't manage the workshop though it was popular and fully booked by the time I got there first thing Friday.

Robin Mac said...

Thought you would have to gloat after that win. Hope you can at least pack up to go home in dry weather. Love the sound of the ratty tatty papers workshop - just hope I have spare time - our son and his wife and family of 4 kids will be moving to live in Mackay in January - you know what that means - grandparents to the rescue to let the parents sort out the mess!!! Not really complaining though, will be lovely to have them all here.

Leanne said...

Peter and Hamish wrapped up warm for the rugby and it didn't even rain? Where are the days of a glorious try skimming up mud like a's all far too clean. Tried to take not much notice at all lest my viewing put them off like it did last week. Thrilled for Robbie of course, guess we won in a way? Anyhoo, stirling game, the bits I saw, last night...back on track hopefully so long as Ritchie doesn't get up to too much with delightful Hayley.


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