Tuesday, August 12, 2008

books and rubbings

Today I got a lovely new Nicky Epstein book Crocheting on the Edge - haven't crocheted for years (made the compulsory bedspreads with crochet squares and ponchos and stuff) but looks like a new start to add to my little knitting adventures. I can see all manner of little dangleys appearing using embroidery yarn and the like.

And I also got some advance new rubbing plates to play with and assess for buying - one with lace and words and botanical sort of things - I did a pile of rubbings on tissutex with shiva stiks then I will spray with colorwash for tomorrow - I think they have potential. Also got a pack of permanent markers for using on acetate and pewter charms and the like. So once I have finished cleaning up from the show - trying to clean my workshop stuff but I can't find the plug for the sink in the studio - did Sarah take it home with her I wonder? - then I will be able to clear a better space to work in.

Do go to our website and see the wonderful work done by some of the participants in the first Embellish Stitch Enrich wokshop. Ian has set up a gallery.


Diane said...

Oh heck, this looks like JUST the sort of book I would see and crave and NEED to buy... and I would envision crocheting all sorts of great edges on stuff...and then I wouldn't. But I'd have the book to remind me that I COULD! Someday! When I have more time!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

What a lovely book but I will pass on it, I tried to crochet a few weeks back to use on an art quilt and it was hilarious, the arthitis in my fingers has been there too long I fear hubby said he hadn't seen anything so awkward for a while. The complusery bedspread (purple&white) is my longest running UFO it'll never make it now.

Had a look at Wild Women winners; wish I'd decided to follow that path I thought they were delicious.


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