Sunday, August 10, 2008

lazy sunday

Still pottering along slowly and quietly - the rain has gone and the days are nice and sunny. We got woken in the middle of the night with car alarms (not ours) and people yelling and stuff so tha was the excuse to sleep in and go for a leisurely breakfast at Sotos.

Ian got a load of dirt for one of the gardens out the back so it looks like we will soon have a new section to admire - this weather means we are a bit negligent in the garden. Yesterday we got new shelves for the lockup so that is still messy but means more storage space for threads etc - all the Valdani threads will have a home now.

Last night since there was no rugby to watch we sat and very much enjoyed the replay of the ABs vs Wallabies game last Saturday - very enjoyable.

When Helen was here she gave us a book (she said she knew I love books- how could anyone know this???) of Northumberland where they live. It looks fabulous and another place we should be visiting. Thanks Helen - hope you are having a great remainder of trip.

A few people have asked what a flimsie is? I have shown them before on my blog but they are a very fine merino batt which Jacinta dyes for us. This is my Indian Splendour one - the other was I was embellishing on was Kimberley Dreaming. We are low on stock after the show but Jacinta has sent a few more and more to come - this one was in the parcel this week so I grabbed it to play with. It is lovely to use as a base - it is a pre felt but I like to use it with srims and chiffon and all that stuff - very soft to use.

Now we are off to Fremantle for a drive to finish off a relatively relaxed weekend - although I have been still counting and sorting and ordering - nearly up to date. I have also managed to get into the studio to play with silk fibres and get working on my new book which is all on papers of various sorts.

Grant has just phoned from Heathrow - he is just off to San Francisco to sail in the 18ft Skiffs and being a mother I can also say congratulations to Bruce for finishing his Masters in Applied Linguistics. All that work always pays off!!


Maureen said...

Thanks for the info re Flimsies. That pic is Bamburgh Castle, a fantastic view in the flesh (so to speak).

artisbliss said...

Thanks for the photo and explanation of flimsies. They look lovely to work with. And congratulations to your two sons, and to you for having produced them.


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