Thursday, August 28, 2008

Medieval Festival

There was a medieval festival on in Balingup while we were there so there were loads of people around. There was a procession through town - here are all the knights - the Saturday was lovely and sunny.
Here are the King and Queen - turns out this is the new King and Queen - the other one must have abdicated. This is the 15th year for this festival.

There were lots of things happening including a display about the Bayeaux Tapestry and we watched the Battle of Hastings

The Normans won as you imagine if you know your history and Harold was shot with an arrow through his eye.

It's been pretty bedlam around here too - the kitchen yesterday looked like a warehouse so we simply had to go to Spaghi to eat. The latest CPS has arrived and all gone out to new homes, lots of fibres etc from Jacinta - and I managed to knock at the scrim sitting neatly in colour selection for me to cut and toll in bundles, onto the floor at one stage and I am half way through winding a fabulous new yarn which we have called Yummie - felted wool with a stitch over the top - the embellisher will love it.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be back up to date. And then I will be off to play - I only had a quick chance to rush into the studio and do some spraying with the new Radiant mists - I am testing them on various fabrics.


Aussie Jo said...

What fun!!
One of my boys especially would love to join in all that mayhem.
Might have to get that trip west planned.

artisbliss said...

That looks like great fun. We have a Scottish Festival here every September that we enjoy very much.

I'd love to help you sort and package things if I were there. Of course, I'd probably end up buying half of your stock, but hey.


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