Thursday, August 07, 2008

moving right along to Thursday

Everything is nearly back in order but people keep getting in on the pretext of needing one particular thing and then proceeding to 'shop' - that kinda holds up my progress. But as always with a big show, you get everything done in the end.

I forgot to take pics of Helen or her stand - very remiss of me - but today she sent me this pic from the airport just before they flew off to Uluru. This is a dodger photo - dodgers will know! Pam (who I haven't seen for ages and didn't get to talk to), Helen and me. Helen's display of work was lovely to see in the flesh - I think everyone enjoyed seeing her work. I hope you have a great time in NZ, Helen!

I snuck up to the studio for a little play this afternoon after packaging all the Quilting Arts - yes they finally arrived only 2 weeks late. If the printer could learn to get his act together....... I also noticed that along with all the other errors on the invoice he has written UK customs. No wonder Aust customs stop the shipment.

This is an embellisher fabric - using a sandwich of cotton scrim, flimsie, chiffon and jute scrim. If you look carefully you will see what happens when you work from the back extensively as well. I have only done this to half. I like it better where it hasn't been worked as it allows more definition of the scrim but on the other hand it makes for depth. My next class starts next Tuesday and they are all pretty chatty and enthusiastic. The embellisher is great for blending.

Val and Jim are back from their long trip o/s so we are off to dinner to catch up with them.


artisbliss said...

This is a nice embellisher sample. I see what you mean about the scrim showing better in the part that hasn't been worked from the back, but the top part does have more depth. Decisions, decisions.

Er, what is "flimsie"?

Maureen said...

Same question from me Dale - what is flimsie???

Micki said...

Love this piece, Dale. I really like the texture the jute gives the piece. Also I wanted to tell you I enjoyed your online class and have come away with some new insights as what can be done with the embellisher.

Mary Andrews said...

Dale love your blog, you have won an award, check it out at my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Most interesting fabric.
Greetings from New York.


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