Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a great show

Here we are back in action. The Perth show was wonderful - so nice to catch up with so many people - the workshops were good - thanks to those who came - hope you enjoyed yourselves. Helen and Sarah were super guests to have and I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing them at work. If you missed out on Sarah's book, there are more on their way and if you check our website you will see I will send you an extra gift if you order a copy before the 15th. Also lots more Artgirlz charms are already winding their way to Perth.

Here we are arriving to set up last Thursday - doing a show at home seems to involve more work than when you go away - this is because you have to do everything on the one day. When you go away, you spend time packing many boxes a week or so beforehand and once the palettes have gone you only have to fill the suitcases - here it means filling a van twice. Nothing like looking at an enormous space and making decisions. Plus it rained very hard all day especially every time we were carrying things, Have you tried balancing an umbrella and a giant heavy box?

So here is Ian - tables all out, cloths on book boxes all set but loads to do. Where to put stuff?

Here I am with the same dilemma - not much further on.

Lots of work later - we were finished by 8pm and off for a meal and into bed for an early rise. If only Mareene would start the show at 10am.

A customer in action.

The lovely Jaslyn obviously abandoned by us

Still abandoned. Thanks Jas - you did a wonderful job.

Her we are with the lovely Mareene who is the best show organiser we know - we love you Mareene even if you did run the show the same weekend as the rugby in Auckland which we wanted to go to........

At the end of Sunday with the help of Kazuko and Bruce (whatever will we do next year when they are not here...) we were packed and gone by 10 past 6 - and then unpacked back here by 7.15pm so we all went out to dinner and Ian and I slept like logs, leaving the answer phone on until Monday morning.

After two days everything is almost back to 'normal' but of course stock to count and orders to do - loads more flimsies arrived on Monday - that is Murphy's Law.

However, I may even get to play on my embellisher tomorrow. Busting to get into the studio and not just to clean and tidy stuff after the workshops.


Doreen G said...

Well you could invite me over to help you couldn't you.

Gill said...

Dale, it's so funny..those pics could have been from Ally Pally, from the NEC Birmingham or the exhibition centre in Glasgow...all of these places are the same, aren't they? Do you get a feeling of deja vu?

artisbliss said...

Looks like a great show. I envy everyone close enough to go to it and buy direct from you!!

Amanda said...

Oh what a wonderful big stall if only you came to Adelaide what a field day I would have. I know I know there isn't the market here but I would have fun..

Penny said...

I agree with Amanda, and I am not sure you wouldnt sell out if you came, just once.
Looks like much more room than at Melbourne, what a squeeze that is.


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