Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back from Balingup

We had a wonderful weekend in Balingup - instant sleep-in the first morning and we did lots of reading, walking, eating, drinking and relaxing and I also played on my embellisher (yes I took it with me), worked on a number of projects - kits and classes - and finally got all the paper work ready for the inaugural embellisher challenge (more on that in a day or two). Balingup was very busy over the weekend with a medieval festival and I have some pics coming for that.

Here is the view from our chalet - lots of cows to wake us in the morning and also loads of little birds so that was like being at home - the birds here are very gentle at this time of the year.

This our chalet - Fernridge - there are only two and ours was the top one - really lovely and just what we needed. When you go away from your working environment you have time to think and get stuff done without any interruptions. Working from home like we do, means there is always something which needs to be done.

The wattle was all out in its glory. We did a bit of driving and the scenery was glorious. Our car got quite filthy with red dirt have to say.

Here I am drinking my coffee - Ian took all the coffee gear with him to make sure we didn't miss out.
Yesterday morning here were some super spider webs out and about - couldn't resist this one. It was pretty cold in the mornings.

Back home we are paying for it of course but our customers are so lovely and they are patient. I am about half caught up with the orders. The Artgirlz charms arrived today so all of those will go out if you have been waiting. There were piles of parcels waiting and stuff due in tomorrow and the next day. Also got some lovely new yarn which the embellisher will die for... And a huge shipment of Radiant Mists - like Moonshadow Mists but no walnut ink - just loads of rich colour with mica and acrylic. I had to try them out immediately and the first piece of paper I found was the invoice inside the box - it looks spectacular but Ian is not so impressed. I have been looking for sprays with these strong colours and these are better value and colour than any of the others I have tried.

So off to play tomorrow at some time - and I managed to watch some of the Lovely Lutradur cd while I was waiting for some printing to happen so it has been all go go go. And talking of Gogo - we are off there tonight with Sarina and Frank as Sarina is over from Cairns for a few days.


Gina said...

Your weekend away looks wonderful Dale - a perfect chance for rest away from it all. You always sound so busy I think you needed it! I get tired just reading about all you do!

Guzzisue said...

looks so relaxing :-)

artisbliss said...

I hope you are all relaxed and refreshed after your weekend away. Looks like a lovely spot.

Tania Townsend said...

Hi Dale, I live in did I miss you...don't tell me you weren't frocked up like the rest of us fruitcakes! Hope you enjoyed your weekend here


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