Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Naturally I forgot to take my camera to Geelong although I did take my umbrella. I slid over in the mud one day and got awfully dirty - could have got another day's wear out of those clothes and I ruined a pair of shoes. Just as well Jaslyn and I went off to buy a new pair each yesterday - red once again. The biggest packing decision for London is which shoes to leave at home.
This is my wonderful class - note that my working table is all clean. They were amazed that all of nmy stuff fitted back into my suitcase. I arrived with it all neat in bags with the intention of putting things away as i brought out new samples but of course people want to see them again so in the end they all end up on the table.

I have stolen (with her permission) 2 pics from Penny's blog

Here is me and you can see that this one was taken before the other one.

I have written my share of the newsletter but it will be sent out tomorrow becasue we off to Eva and Malachy's and anyway people won't mind it being a day late, will they? Plus I am all refuchsia-ed again in readiness for my holiday.

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Maureen said...

That's a big decision re the shoes, hope you get it right?


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