Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Off We Go

Just found out we have got our points upgrade from Perth to Singapore and possibly Singapore to London - fingers crossed from everyone please. It makes it so much nicer in the morning when we arrive in London at 6am and catch the train to Ally Pally. We seem to be so well organised that it is a worry not that I have packed my clothes as yet. I have been busy spraying the pages of my little holiday sketchbook and filling my little bag with my arty stuff - Sarah bought this little bag when she was here. Have to take the scissors out though. I have sprayed the pages with Moonshadow Mist, Glitz Spritz and Radiant Rains - the latter are much stronger colours on paper but the acrylic binder meant they would take longer to dry and statring it this morning I didn't have enough time.

This is a very handy little bag - I am hoping to do some drawing and stitching on the plane especially sitting in comfort.... And I am planning to collect stuff as I go - watch out for new paper napkins for sure - and fill my pages to the brim - that's a promise....

and in case you missed it - here is a Radiant Rain

Looking forward to London very much and then Paris next Tuesday - getting excited now but off to finish sorting the clothes. Had to open the big bag as I missed the rod for the hanging thingie we take - much harder to get things back in. Look forward to meeting you Jenny - I hope it will be a bit of a fun and frivolous workshop. Plus if the eepc works okay and likes the camera, I will be able to post words and pics!

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Hope you have a good journey over here Dale, hope to see you fridays that's if i can find your stand - any idea of the number or whatever yet?


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