Saturday, October 04, 2008

Silk Loom Ends

People have been asking what silk loom ends are - they are the end when the of the fabric has been cut off the loom. Dye up beautifully and have different raggedly middles. Here is one dyed in Warrandyte which is really my favourite for my Rust stuff.

A little piece of loom end embellisher over a slushie but not through the unwoven part which I have scrunched up. Makes wonderful textural stuff.

Some in my class had this wonderful organic looking lace which we embellished onto layers and then attacked with a heat gun. Quite organic.

I am working away at my Ally Pally workshop - think I am making progress. Embellishing fabric and cutting it out this afternoon. No more to tell until after Ally Pally.....

The vacuum cleaner had disappeared this morning. It may have gone to visit another street.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

look forward to seeing you at Allie Pallie

Genie said...

Have a wonderful Time in London and Paris

Dorothy said...

Love the embellisher bits. Unfortunately I won't be at Ally Pally on the days you do your workshop, I am stewarding on Thursday.
Love the vacuum cleaner saga. There was a similar saga here a year or two ago... with a pair of wellies, that were seen all over the country!


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