Sunday, October 26, 2008

Julia Caprara

Very sad news that Julia Caprara died Friday 24th October. She has been a great source of inspiration to me especially through my City and Guilds days. Fortunately we have her new book, Exploring Colour, which we bought back loads of from London. That is what she was a master of - colour and stitch. I still delve into her first book often too - very inspirational.


Jan said...

Dale, i'm so sorry to learn of this sad news and as yet can't seem to find anything related on a British blog.
Jan x

Marjorie Dawson said...

I was just looking at my latest copy of Quilting Arts (new to me!) and seeing your lovely piece, then felt the urge to come on and look at your blog Dale.

This is the last thing I expected to see, this is sad news. Her influence on textiles has been immense through her ideas and her furthering of textile studies for those on far flung shores.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale, and welcome back. I did not have the good fortune to know of Julia Caprara till very recently through Maggie grey's blog but was stunned with a couple of pictures from her book. Seem a delicious book to own Must think on that.

Redgate Studios said...

Such sad news,still doing my city & guilds with Opus. Her loss will leave a big gap in their school.


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