Thursday, October 16, 2008

day one in Paris

of course one of the first things you do in Paris is to have a cup of good coffee - in this case AFTER a purchase of another pair of lovely red shoes.... think I shall draw the line now. We spent most of today wandering around the Latin Quarter - Tues night we found a lovely little restaurant - Christoper - in Rue Descartes - recommend it to anyone and last night we popped to a little Italian just down our alleyway so Ian could compare the spag bol with Luigi's.

Then couldn't resist a visit to the Sennelier shop where I resisted - think I have everything! Maybe not.

Then we walked through the gardens and went to see the Monet's at L'Orangerie. Off for more explorations today. Colds almost a gone and rain as well.


Sue said...

What about the purple ones?!?

Helen Cowans said...

I'm envious :) Have a good time! The art shop must have been great.

Aussie Jo said...

Great to see the photos.


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