Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday morning

Rain has gone - big suitcase is packed - 3 pairs of shoes have been selected for the trip - which pair will be the lucky 4th? Still plenty to do today - all the little things one has to do when going away and plenty of orders coming in - we will be posting everything at the end of today. The rest of Australia which does, has started daylight saving so an order by phone at 6.30am yesterday should not have startled me - WA doesn't start daylight saving until we get back - waiting for us? it is light before 5.30am so I just get up.

Hope you liked the video - it was incredibly easy to do. Lots of wonderful bottlebrushes out at present - that one is by our gate. I rather like them.

Even got Ian into town to buy new clothes yesterday.

This is a piece I started in class in Geelong - my magic carpet - the background is a flimsie with slushie worked on the back - makes it quite a firm piece to work onto but incredibly soft - I love the feel of it - I have added strips of silk scrim - love this stuff- and pieces from created fabric. I will possibly mount it.


Penny said...

Nice to see it finished Dale. Got wet looking at a new foal, a rush of them on at the moment. cold after yesterdays warmth, a fire lit for my aching knees!!
have a great trip, will be thinking of you.

Doreen G said...

Nice piece you have created Dale.
Have a great time while you are away and I will miss our "conversations".
Can't wait for you to come back.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love your magic carpet! They aren't colours I work with but they are so vibrant, I realize I shall have to broaden my colour palette.

Why is it men are so hard to get to buy new dudds?

Hope your trip goes well and you both have a wonderful stay in Paris.

Jenny said...

Hi Dale,
Really excited to read you have packed your case as I am one of the lucky ones doing your workshop at Alli Palli and it makes it seem nearer. Looking forward to meeting you in person after many months of enjoying your blog.
See you soon
Jenny from Gloucestershire, England

artisbliss said...

This is great, Dale. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Threadspider said...

That's a glorious piece-I love the torn scrim . My first visit here-I will certainly be back.


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