Sunday, October 19, 2008

day four in Paris

today we went to Rue Mouffetard - a long bustling street full of all manner of excitements. Stopped by a wine merchant for good look
then we passed by the fishmongers- all those lovely scallops - the trouble with being on holiday and seeing these wonderful goodies at the markets makes you want to buy and cook - however we are still eating all the fruit from previous days....

looking up into the markets from the bottom

couldn't resist these wonderufl mushrooms either
and the rose shop - to die for - Ian thinks it's just as well we don't live here or
I would be bringing these home every day - all in colour co-ordinated sections and open until oh so latecouldn't resist this though - tart au frambroise - afternoon tea back at our apartment.


jhmcmaster said...

Dale what wonderful colours in the roses and such wonderful things to observe. There should be lots of inspiration there for you. Glad you are both having a great time
Heather McMaster

Penny said...

It was the mushrooms that got me when we were in France, so many and all fresh and oh yummy, have to say the tart looks pretty good too, and did you buy a bottle of wine?

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks for taking me back there - if only for a moment.


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