Sunday, June 22, 2008

tonking along

I am working away on the online workshop - a bit of knitting to add in. Knitting came back in with a whoosh and I guess it is still going strong. I was born with a pair of knitting needles in my hands and my Grandmother and mother were always knitting. These days I like to knit small pieces to work in with other textiley stuff and mostly the embellisher loves to embody it in. This is a little play on the Kimberley Dreaming theme - I have a pile of different flower bits and pieces in my ephemera collection. I have been working with KD slushie and flimsie.

The All Blacks had a very good win last night and NZ even won the cricket so that must be 2 up on England. Not that I watch the cricket - too boring for me.

The Little Mexican restaurant on Friday - well I wouldn't recommend it - Eva booked on Tuesday for Friday but they were obviously greedy and had double booked - tried to fudge us with a table out the back by the toilets and raved on about putting on a cd for ambience. So we left and went to another where the staff were lovely but the food not worth a visit. Good friends, good company so that saved the night.

It's a beautiful day today in Perth - really should be in the garden cleaning and preparing for spring.


Dorothy said...

No Dale, it's not two up to NZ! It's one each with two to play! grin

Genie said...

Hi Dale , back off holiday and looking forward to lesson three,

Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours in this piece Dale, and the knitting adds a great dimension. Aussie colours are very strong, bit like Marrakesh.(Thanks for the e-mail)


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