Friday, June 13, 2008

at last it's Friday

I have just finished gathering the final order so I have no back log - Ian has 6 to invoice. All clear for the weekend. Just as well we didn't go to Sydney - how far behind would we be. Anyway plenty of people have been and not found us and phoned with orders. We snuck off to Lincolns for coffee with Frank and of course people phoned and came around. Can never win.

Kazuko is in Japan and Bruce is off tonight - they will both be back in 2 weeks. Here is a pic of Kazuko's twin sister - Masako and her daughter Sakurako - she looks like she could give Uncle Bruce a run for his money......

Lots of ordering this week and lots of new goodies - thr3fold journal no 3 arrived today and it is extremely good like 1 and 2. And I collected the Tee Juice pens fat and thin - had a little play - very easy and convenient to use. Also the I-Dye - things are indeed getting easier.

Busy rugby weekend - All Blacks/England and Wallabies/Ireland. Let's see how Aussie Robbie goes with his new charges.

Off for my glass of red.... I reckon I deserve it. (and Ian too)

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