Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I found this gem when I was sorting through some photos. Here we are all ready to go to Raylene and Ken's wedding in 1976. Did we all dress that badly back then? The boys still complain about the woollen suits I made them - my caftan even has a hood and Ian's tweed jacket has been put to great fancy dress use over the years along with his bell bottoms.

We had a nice weekend in Sydney and came home to rain - lots of it - lovely stuff.
Watched the All Blacks win against Ireland in Wellington in the most atrocious conditions. I do recall in the past landing and taking off from Wellington airport - more like a helicopter going directly up - that was in the days when they gave you a glass (yes a glass) full of orange juice before you took off and the attempts not to spill meant drink fast.

The on-line embellisher workshop people have been producing some lovely work - just putting the finishing touches to the second lesson here.


Ev said...

That photo made me giggle. These days you would be up for child cruelty dressing the boys in what appears these days to be PJ's LOL. At my Uncle and Aunts wedding 5 years before this he wore a grey suit and brown shoes with holes in the sole LOL. Funny how fashion moved much slower back then.

I will whole heartedly agree about the work being produced from the workshop. I know I am having fun with this...only 2 needles broken so far!

Penny said...

Oh Dale, the long hair the beards, (John still has his) the Caftans and you made the suits!!The olds look terribly staid!!
I must say I am having fun with the class and leap in and do a bit more when i have time, still wonder how you are going to top that at Geelong.

artisbliss said...

I graduated high school in 1978 and I can assure you that American fashion at the time was every bit as dreadful. And I do mean DREADFUL. Except in our case the mens/boys suits would have been made out of polyester double knit. Ugh.

Doreen G said...

Ah Dale those were the good ol' days when it was cheaper to make our own clothes--and I did notice that you got all the stripes lined up evenly on the boys suits.
My kids laugh at some of the pics of clothes that I made them.
Love the class--luv luv luv it


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