Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barbara Iris

This is one of the wild irises growing on what we call the Barbara bush - it has loads of little irises which sometimes I draw - Barbara used to like sleeping in this little bush outside our back door and this is where she lay for her final sleep and we thought in the morning she was taking a long time to get up for breakfast. I love Irises and bought a big bunch today when I went for my walk to lug groceries back for dinner tonight - chicken curry - see I do cook.

Here is the beautiful Barbara in her heyday. We have a little black cat which comes to visit us during the day - I caught it sneaking into our bedroom. Just as well Kazuko isn't here or she would feed it. Its owner must be at work during the day and we look like a good bet. It was helping Ian cut the fusible film the other day. Talking of which I am doing a little experimenting and if it works I will post a pic tomorrow. Today I am embellishing and heat gunning for lesson 5. no more knitting I promise although I am doing a bit of that today.

Off to see if Robbie's Wallabies can beat the French.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Barbara looks very handsome and wonderful.
How much we miss our pets when they are no more.
Have a lovely weekend.


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