Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is about 220 k north of Broome and we hired a 4WD as it is not considered suitable for cars and caravans. This is a new experience for us and when Ian has his photos developed you will be able to see us in the machine. We don't approve of them in town but out in the red dirt is something else. We bought our meat from Perth and our other supplies in Broome to take up to Kooljaman with us. We had a safari tent which is a very fancy tent on a wooden floor under another cover with a real bed - very comfortable - and a balcony - very nice and a kitchen. We had a great view of the sea and surrounds and lots of birds to greet us in the mornings. Lots of stars to see at night too without the city lights. This is the road down to the sea.

Here is the sea where we had a couple of swims a day. Ian enjoyed the morning when it was very windy and the waves huge and I kept being dumped by the waves - every time I got up I got knocked down again. Seemed to make his day....

Here I am out on the balcony - we did a lot of reading and relaxing

And this is a shelter looking out onto the western beach where we watched the sunset

Now we have forgotten we went away - the latest Quilting Arts has finally arrived. I would like to meet the printer/publisher who undervalues them at $4.20 for the entire shipment and excites Australian customs so that they hold them for a couple of weeks.

Also the online embellisher workshop has begun - I am looking forward to seeing all of their wonderful work

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Doreen K. said...

Love all the pictures. But the water in the Cape Leveque is so
beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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