Friday, June 20, 2008

Once again it's Friday

Each week rolls along so fast. Cloth Paper Scissors Issue 19 arrived about 4pm today - no time to get them all out - only a few but the remainder will go out on Monday. This time the printer had valued the shipment a little higher - $60 - fortunately Customs let them in straight away this time. It looks like an interesting issue.

There is an article on needle-felting ATCs both by hand and by machine and it got me thinking that it would be good to have an exhibition of embellisher made journal art-type pieces. What do you think? There is so much fabulous work going on in my on-line workshop that it would be very much appreciated. I could approach the organisers of Australian Quilt Conference for Feb and also Knitting and Stitching at Alexandra Palace in October 2009. There is so much fabulous work being created that it should be seen and loved by others especially when there is plenty of truly awful stuff out there as well.

Not a lot of creative stuff has been done here unless you count cutting (Ian's job), and packaging (my job) of Angelina Fusible Film. Even Ian thinks it looks very attractive even if he doesn't know (want to know) what to do with it. He is stil getting to that promotion on the website though.

Tonight we are off to a Mexican restaurant with Eva and Malachy.

1 comment:

Aussie Jo said...

Hmm, maybe I won't buy an embellisher, mine might be the truly awful stuff!!!


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