Monday, June 16, 2008

more embellisher

Jacinta has been dyeing up the very fine merino wool - like the ones in our Embellisher bundles but now in our colours. She has only sent Kimberley Dreaming so far - I am trying to think of a name for them - plan to sell them in individual colours. I think Arabian Nights will be next - Jacinta keeps promising that Arabian Nights is on her list for lots of action like slushies but then I interrupt and want something else....

I have embellished KD slushies onto the batt and you get the most wonderful colourings - very very soft.

Louise was wearing a scarf she had wet felted with a slushie when she called in last week - it is so soft - almost in competition with possum fur. It would be very light and very warm. I must try one in watersoluble as well.

Still having lovely rain.

My next Embellish Stitch Enrich online workshop starts on 12th August.

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