Friday, June 06, 2008

Aust Quilt Market

We are in Sydney for the Quilt Market = this is a weekend trade show for retail only - we wholesale some things and looking to grow this area. It is not an afront to you Fibre Flora! it's part of our growth. The Darling Harbour show we simply decided we are too busy to do it this year - it takes heaps of work and then we get so far behind with our orders and stuff and we know we will miss seeing all of our lovely customers. And anyway if we did it I wouldn't have this lovely group of people doing my embellish stitch enrich workshop , would I?

I am learning how to use my eee pc - the tiny keyboard and different operations. Before the next trip we need to practise loading pics from the digital camera and then we really will b cooking with gas.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

I am SO sorry to hear that you won't be at the Sydney show this year. I don't buy fabric these days but threads are a different story and I was looking forward to stocking up on some goodies and saying hello.


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