Thursday, June 12, 2008

shiva stiks and stuff

Got the latest edition of Machine Embroidery (and Textile Art) yesterday with my article on Shiva (Markal) stiks in it. Yvonne has put me on the front cover which is very nice. Ruth Issett introduced me to paintstiks way back in 1994/5 and they were one of the first products we sold at The Thread Studio. I have been promoting them for a long (and using them - never travel without a gold stik in your handbag). Good to see they are still on the big go. Ruth demonstrates them at Ally Pally and her first book was a little bible on using them. Shelly Stokes has taken up the baton in US and we are still selling them in a big way even with other people copying us. They are fabulous to use and I am hoping to have some new stencils coming soon - I have just tracked down some very interesting ones. A little bird tells me that Ruth may have a new book coming out with further excitements including paintstiks.

That's my gripe - lots of businesses copy us but if only they were original and then I could get excited. Copying is not original....

The Inkaid which Maggie raves about in her book has arrived and I have been coating my papers in readiness for a printing moment. Since the first shipment has almost sold out I will have to order in some more.

ACO concert was good albeit it a couple of very modern pieces we were not sure about - finished with a very nice Sibelius. Quite a few people left before it which was a shame as they missed out. Pay your money and stay to the end - it doesn't really matter what they play it is always wonderful and I guess it really is good for us to hear Stockhausen type music even if we don't lke it. Some music we hated way back we have learned to like.


linda stokes said...

Enjoyed your article Dale. I nearly fell over when I saw it, so unusual for them to have a really creative and attractive cover!

Robin Mac said...

I've just been out to buy the mag with your article - lovely and so creative - only thing worth reading, I'll wait for you to have another article before I get the next one!

HDD said...

Still looking for the latest mag with your article; but found, in error previous which had two other issues with it. And there was Dales article on the flower stitcher.Will have to make do with those wonderful bowls in the latest quilting arts mag for now
Heather, Cooloola Cove


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