Monday, August 07, 2006

Wild and Woolly Monday

We were greeted early this morning by the plumbers - yeah. They came to connect the studio up to water. So now it is all complete - hot and cold running water. As soon as I get a moment I will be up there cleaning all the window surrounds and off to look at big work tables. We are still deciding now whether to have wooden decking instead of the brick paving. But today would not be the day to be doing anything. It is very windy and stormy and down in Australind - about 2 hours south of Perth - there was a tornado. Highest minimum temp for Perth in August though. We had just got the van emptied when the rain and wind roared in again. Most stuff is stacked on the verandah while I start putting it back into place and counting and reordering etc. All while trying to do the orders which have piled up since last Thursday. People always tell me how good it would be if we sold out at a show - I couldn't think of anything worse. I have to start reordering all over again.

Hence no time for pics today but I have been collecting new ideas and plotting up some new things. It was lovely having Jacinta over and I enjoyed seeing what she is doing - has got me all excited about wanting to get to work. She was busy demoing embossed velvet - something I haven't done for a while and she also bought me over some punches with tags. I have this idea to use tags at present and I hadn't actually realised you could make them with a punch. I never look at those things normally. I have been having a wonderful time punching tags in some of my already painted watercolour paper. I also bought some hinges and tiny keys at the show - looking for medieval ideas still and thinking about how I can hinge things. It is interesting how you start changing direction a bit - just a tiny bit. As soon as the stuff is away and things are back to normal I shall be off to get playing with my crusty vessel ideas.

I got a lovely little parcel of unmounted text and letter stamps from Ma Vinci stamps today. I am busy collecting text for backgrounds.

Last night after we parked the van next door safe and sound and emptied the car, we treated ourselves to a very nice meal at Must Bar - before we fell asleep. Tonight we are off to bed to read and tuck in all warm listening to the storm.


Jenny Bear said...

I visited Margaret River in Aug. 1990 - weather was similar to yours now.

Seems the whole worlds weather is topsy turvy.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

You know I really do love reading your blogs. With all that you fit into a day you are such an inspiration.

Cheers Helen

Unknown said...

Hi Dale,

Good to hear you have water at last :)

Looking ofrward to seeing these "crusty vessels". Helen

Leanne said...

Ma Vinci.....must be Leo's mum?


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