Monday, August 28, 2006

back and busy

Well we are back home after a lovely 4 days and I will post pics and info tomorrow - you do, of course, pay for going away but I have managed to get nearly all the orders out tonight and am off to tackle the washing (9.15pm). In the meantime, Grant has been sailing in his 18ft skiff in San Francisco - he's the one with the blue legs in the pic. The wind was around 20 knots most races so you can see they are concentrating.

And -the All Blacks beat the South Africans pretty easily on Saturday night - not that we watched it but we are sure Jaslyn has a video for us. Ian did phone all around Pemberton but the only place with pay tv were the rooms at the hotel and I did not fancy moving beds for a night when I was staying in a lovely place.

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