Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebrity ATCs

These are the last but not least of the Celebrity ATCs - now I will have to start sending them their swaps. We are runnind another ATC Challenge at the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne in February (must be mad) and I am hoping to persuade some more celebrities to participate. These ones are from Jacinta Leishman - textile artist extraordinaire from Melbourne.

The ATCs have been wonderful - all so different - I hope everyone visiting has enjoyed seeing them. Lots of us work away in isolation and it is lovely to see others work.

We have been extremely busy again today but tomorrow I have promised myself most of the day in the studio. Watch this space.

The saga of the painter is continuing. Okay he has finished the job - badly if we may say so - but now he is trying to rip us off for a large extra payment. The builder in his wisdom has paid him already - silly man. The building situation is not good as there is so much work going on here in the west - we shall see. For sure this housing price craziness is going to stop. The rising petrol price is upsetting everyone. We spend $20 a fortnight on petrol........

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