Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Late tonight because we watched the video of the rugby - just as well we didn't watch live as I would have been worried. However it turned out to be an excellent win.

Big Brook Dam below - we like to go for a walk around it - it is a great walk and sometimes you see blue wrens and other birds. Not much around this year but still a great walk.

You can see that I am always on the photos unfortunately which is why it was a coup to get the two of us. I am surely the most unphotogenic person around.

This is me sitting on the balcony in Pemberton - lovely bush below - cows mooing beyond. There is a swamp down there where I imagine the noisy little swamp hens went when they weren't tapping on our bedroom window before it was time to wake up.

One thing we noticed this year that there were fewer people around and we wondered if the wine glut and the higher price of petrol is having an effect. We went to eat at Jarrajacks on the Friday - we went there last year when it first opened (a micro Brewery with a restaurant) and the atmosphere was great, the place packed, the staff in fine form and the food great. This year there was hardly anyone there - the atmosphere was tired, the staff disinterested and the food nothing memorable at all. Very disappointing. We did have a great lunch in town though the next day and a very nice evening meal on the last night. The rest of the time we cooked and ate in our little house.

I love the area - karri trees are only found in this area and if only they could talk....

I have been having great fun with my embellisher - I got an idea which is working a treat. But - I have decided to be selfish and keep it for the book - yes - the book. I am working on the chapter on the embellisher and needlefelting - I think this machine has great potential for things other than what I have seen so far. So watch this space - hopefully it will be ready by the end of the year. I am working on a variety of surfaces.

More pics tomorrow...


Leanne Hurren said...

Goody - can't wait for the book. Be sure to let us know as soon as it's available. Will you be publishing it yourself?

Helen from Canberra said...

Go on Dale please tell us what you are doing with the embellisher. It will be ages before the book comes outand I promise I will still buy it. Please!!!!!

Cheers Helen


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