Wednesday, August 23, 2006

off for r an r

tomorrow we are going to the south west of our state - to Pemberton - for 4 days r and r. Ian says we are doing nothing but I seemed to have packed my papers, glue, paints, stamps, needles and thread - he hasn't seen them yet - along with my books, my sketch book, my computer(so I can work on my Sketch-It programme) and my knitting needles and anything else I can lay my hands on. We go walking in the forest and have lazy lunches and go exploring. It is usually raining and cold at this time of the year - wonderful! These pics are all of the karri forests and the lake. Might see some willy wagtails too if we are lucky.

To answer a few questions
Jenny - it takes about 5 - 7 days for parcels to get to the UK

Margaret - bread and butter pudding in North Wales has a lot of appeal. We bought a travel book on Wales today and will take it away with us.

Leanne - annealing copper shim is heating it to make it soft so it is easy to stitch on. I hold it with tongs over the gas element on the stove or over the bbq if I remember. It changes colours as well which is exciting. You can also pickle it in tomato chutney which gives it a great colour. Just make sure you label the jar tough in case others think it would be good to eat! There are a lot of strange things in my fridge. Ian is always wary.


Digitalgran said...

Those are fantastic photos Dale.

Jenny Bear said...

Pemberton - is that where you can climb those huge trees!!!!

Wales is lovely you will enjoy it!!!!


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