Sunday, August 20, 2006

copper tissue and little book

Here is the little book I made today - I have used hand dyed tissutex on both sides - the inside is stitched and printed with a frangipani stamp and the new lumieres - metallic rust and orange - just right. The outside is copper tissue flower punched and stitched on. Made a cord and used a few rusted papers from my stash for the book pages. I have had a bit of fun with this. I have also found that the copper tissue patinates nicely, it can be crumbled and pleated and put through the crimper and great to stitch motifs on Romeo cold water soluble.


Joanna said...

Very beautiful Dale. I am going to be ordering some of your copper tissue. I can't wait to see the ATC up close.

Thanks Joanna

Micki said...

I love your little book. Is the copper tissue really tissue or is it a very thin metal?


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