Tuesday, August 29, 2006

bit of down southwest

Forgot to take the Wales book with us - we did have almost the rest of the house though - so I am only just looking at it tonight and I have found the area of the place I could never pronounce. I am thinking that we will be in Pembrokeshire and probably not going much further - it is to be a week of r and r you know....
This is a rare pic of both of us - taken by Ian - first time he has tried this and amazingly it worked. It is because I object to being in every photo.

Pemberton, down in the southwest of WA, is the closest place to the climate I love - real green grass and healthy cows and all those wonderful tall trees. Karri trees are particular to this neck of the woods. We stayed in a place called Peppermint Retreat - very luxurious and quiet and relaxing apart from the swam hens who woke us each morning tapping on our window, and the cows mooing and the family of kookaburras. I think it is probably quieter in Highgate at night.....

More pics tomorrow as it is late but this is where we stayed - we read, we walked, we ate, I painted and sketched and wrote but didn't stitch or knit - amazing. We didn't go to Donelly River this time, Hannah. We went last year. This year we were lazier. This is the fourth year we have snuck down to Pemberton. It was warmer and hardly rained.

Be back tomorrow - very busy today but once I have filled the three enormous remaining orders in the morning I am hoping to get to my embellisher - I have a few ideas. Going away anywhere always gives me ideas. I have been knitting tonight watching a current affairs programme so I am off to play on the embellisher with my efforts.

We did pop down to our local, the Brisbane, tonight. I think they really would miss us if we forgot again!


Digitalgran said...

I'm glad you had a lovely r and r time, but shame on you to forget your Wales book!
I look forward to more of your embellishing work.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale

Pemberton looks and sounds like my kind of place. The weather in the ACT is still gorgeous, most unusual for August, but we desperately need rain.

Cheers Helen

Penny said...

What a lovely photo of you both. You do know I breed Welsh Ponies and have never managed to get to Wales?
I have lots of Welshmen who come to stay and i have offers of lots of beds but somehow it doesnt happen.sigh.
Still no rain to speak of here either but we are still green.

Jenny Bear said...

Thank you for the post - lovely.

So pleased you had a good time in Pembertob. I have a piece of Karri - it is so heavy.

If my body was up to it we would be on a plane tomorrow!



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