Monday, August 14, 2006

more celebrity atcs

Today's Celebrity ATCs were made by Margaret Roberts (aka digital gran) from Wales - Mags is a very clever lady on the computer and puts people like me to shame. Tomorrow I will start sending back the ATC swaps from Perth - in case everyone is wondering.

I want to go up to the studio about now (9.30pm) but it is simply pouring cats and dogs so I will have to wait until tomorrow to finish my piece from yesterday. We have been so busy today I haven't got that far.

We saw a really funny sight last night when we were at San Marco. A guy came on his motorbike to get fish and chips from the place next door and he had a German Shepherd sitting on the front of his motorbike wearing his own sunglasses. I expect he got his fair share of food as well. He probably loves driving around with his owner.

Lots of parcels today including some lovely samples of metallic threads for me to test. Tomorrow.... Also lots of books back in stock along with the 2007 Quilting Arts Calender. Very nice it is.

1 comment:

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

It's another gorgeous day in Canberra and the buds on the deciduous are just a little bit fatter but we could do with some of your rain.

Cheers Helen


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