Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Wot a frantic day we have had today. The plan was to pick up the van and fill it up and take everything to the showgrounds so we could set up leisurely tomorrow for the Perth show. However, we have been so frenetic all day that the van sits empty but at least I have packed up everything at our lockup ready for tomorrow morning. Then in the morning I have to pack up everything here first thing. We still hope to be finished at a respectable time. This is the time that we wonder why we are doing shows and knowing why we don't do many. It is worse, in a way, in your home town - at least for Sydney etc the stuff goes early and you have a respite from that time until you pack suitcases etc. Every which way it's a drama but come Friday morning we will be firing on all cylinders. In the meantime it's not Darby and Joan but packhorse and workhorse..... Fortunately Kazuko came today as there were so many orders it was unbelievable.

Yesterday there were 29,000 hits to our website - wow! And 150 visitors came to read my blog. I hope it is worth it.....

Today's Celebrity ATCs are from Sarah Lawrence. Aren't they gorgeous? She reckons that she is a constructionist and I am the deconstructionist, but I can see evidence of deconstruction in these.

Thanks to all those who have asked about my mother. She moved into a nursing home today and my sister tells me she is sort of settled although confused about why she is there. It is awful getting old..... I plan never to.....

Beryl Taylor's book Mixed Media Techniques continues to virtually float out the door. The second shipment will be gone for sure by the end of the weekend so I have ordered another round. It is such a beautiful book visually and Quilting Arts are to be congratulated on it. (and Beryl too of course).

Probably won't get back to post until the show is over - there are still a few more Celebrities to share. Plus I have received Shanghai newsapers so can be thinking about and maybe getting on with my vessels.


Joanna said...

All I can say is that all of these ATC's are amazing! I wish I lived in Australia so that I could see them all and participate.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

The display of celebrity ATC's are stunning, and I have enjoyed seeing them all, but best of all, is the Medieval pocket book, it is gorgeous,reading your blog always makes me want to go play.

Leanne said...

Love these cards.....industrial almost.


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