Tuesday, August 08, 2006

getting there

Putting things back into place is very boring but I am getting there. We had our planned sleep-in this morning - well Ian did. I woke at 6am and might as well have got up since I was wide awake. I think the reticulation next door woke me up actually. I put a few things out then run away and do something much more interesting but I tried to discipline myself to finish most of it and also start my counting and reordering. I prioritse the ordering in a way - if someone needs something that we are out of, I do those first. We sold a lot of books - this never fails to amaze me. It must be that book shops just don't carry the books we care about - Maggie Grey and Val Campbell-Harding's new book is out in UK and mine should be here early next week but don't email me yet - it's not due until October although my little spy is going to hassle the Batsford people since they are in Australia this week for a conference.

I have put all of my stuff away in the studio and today I got another nice little collection of stamps - I have never really looked at other websites for stamps but I found some very interesting ones which I decided to order - the Queen of Hearts and a few others. I had a little play with embossing on velvet today having been reinspired by Jacinta. Lucky me - she has left me a pile of samples to play with. The sad part about the show was that her wallet disapeared somewhere near the end. So frustrating and I had been watching her stuff so carefully.

Anyway, now the bulk of the work is done, I shall be up working tomorrow. Today I was invited to teach at AQC (Aust Quilt Convention) in Melbourne next February - I gave them a list to select from and they chose Fragments and Frescoes - just a one day workshop. I want to change it and add some new ideas I have and of course I only have a few days to do this. C'est la vie....

Today's celebrity ATCs are from Ken Smith - machine embroiderer extraordinaire. Ken is too meticulous for me but I do admire his work very much. His attention to detail is superb to say the least.

Lucky Grant is sailing from Cowes to La Rochelle these few days - lucky thing. Guess we can't do everything.....

BTW - we have eaten at home 2 nights in a row.


Jenny Bear said...

Book arrived this am.

Dont work toohard!

Helen from Canberra said...

Dale, I cannot belive that you have dined at home 2 nights in a row!!!!!


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