Thursday, June 22, 2006

what's in a name

this is a pic of the first native iris out in our bush near the back door. It only flowers for a day and I caught this one late but there will be another tomorrow so I will try again. Barbara used to sleep in this bush all the time so it always reminds us of her. it's a great flower to draw and I have done so many times.

Names - when I started The Thread Studio over 10 years ago, I spent ages thinking of a suitable name. At that stage I was thinking almost primarily of hand and machine threads so the resulting name was a good choice I reckon. Now, of course, we add 'textile art supplies' but to be honest there wasn't an awful lot of stuff around. I think one of the first things I stocked were the Shiva stiks which I still love to use. There is certainly a lot of textile art stuff on the market these days and plenty of people trying to get in on the take.

My first contact with names was The Web of Thread which I thought was a very clever name for a business but what I came up with has worked well - well enough for many others to copy in part. There has been the thread shack, yarn barn, threads and more, yarn market and recently I saw mention of the yarn studio. Many of them have, at times, talked about their 'thread studio' back at home etc. So it must be a good name.

Just my daily observation. I have finally unpacked all the suitcases and just need to do some final sorting and more reordering. The painter still hasn't honoured us with his presence but there is tomorrow. I bought a selection of plants for one of the areas outside so hoping sooner or later we will be able to plant them. Also, didn't get anything very creative achieved today but there is always tomorrow.....

Rae also sent me some lovely hand dyed tissutex which I sent her to dye. I have selected a piece for my Broome piece which I have bonded to craft vilene ready for printing and stitching tomorrow so I have done something.....

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

My native iris are not quite in bloom yet but they are certainly in bud. I reckon that you chose very well with the name The Thread Studio and whatsmore anyone who has anything to do with quilting, textile, embroidery etc. both here in Asutralia and overseas mostly know the name. I love that hand dyed tissutex. Is that going to be for sale???

Cheers Helen

PS Go the Socceroos!!!!!


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