Monday, June 05, 2006

Long weekend

We have spent the last 4 days in Broome which is in the northwest of Western Australia - about 2 and half hours by air. A much needed r and r - one night we both slept for 10 hours. Had a lovely time - reading, relaxing, swimming, watching the sunset on Cable Beach and basically doing nothing. The place we stay at is fabulous - Bali Hai - and here are a couple of pics - each villa has an outdoor shower - called a mandi - and an outdoor eating area and bbq so we ate out here. Only gripe - too hard to see to read at night. I also got bitten by midgies so have wonderful red welts all over my skin - mainly because I scratched them and forgot to take anything with me. Here's a pic of the mandi and the pool which Ian enjoyed this year 'cos it was heated


Penny said...

dOh Dale and here I was thinking this looked wonderful and exotic and warm and you talk of being bitten by midges and they always just love me, so perhaps I wont feel so envious. Penny

Deb H said...

Ha! At first glance I thought the shower was a quilt! It took a minute, & reading what you wrote to realize what it was! Looks like a wonderful place for R & R!


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