Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back again

We arrived back from Sydney on Monday afternoon and then there comes the boring task of unpacking the suitcases and counting stuff and reordering and repackaging. I always start off well and get most of the suitcases unpacked and then I lose interest which is exactly what has happened this time. After I knocked a basket of sorted threads onto the floor I decided to change tasks. I shall finish first thing in the morning and then I can get onto the piece of work I am planning to do after our little trip to Broome before I forget. I have managed quite a bit of reordering though. The palettes will arrive on Monday or Tuesday but there is not a great deal returning. It is amazing how many books we sell. Looks like everyone else is a bookaholic like me. I managed to read some of my Annie Proulx book during the week. She is a fabulous writer - so observant. She must spend hours just watching people and listening.

We had a good week in Sydney - met up with lots of customers and Playways people and friends. The ATC exchange seemed to go down very well and contrary to my fears, everything filled the space well. It was a shame the organisers didn't give us a light though - it would have been easier to see. Actually it seemed to me that the whole venue was dark. The lights we hire cost us enough. The only sour thing about the ATCs was that I caught a lady helping herself to a few just as I was about to pack them up and I got her to return one but I could see from the gaps that she had helped herself to more but short of demanding she turn out her pockets, I have had to wear that one. Means I will have a few to make later on this week.

We had a feast of lovely restaurants during the week. This is our bonus for working hard. Jessica took us to Sugaroom which was lovely and we also indulged at Zaffran, Jordans, Golden Century and a tapas place in Paddington after we watched the rugby. Watched the All Blacks beat Ireland and the Wallabies beat England so a very late night on the Saturday.

The weather in Perth is actually quite cold although rain is desperately needed and Barbara's memorial violets are not looking very healthy.

Be back tomorrow with hopefully some work completed. When I am away and unable to create, my notebook usually fills up. No exception this time and I have an idea to explore a bag on the embellisher. But I also have a long list of other things to do as well.

The painter has returned from his holiday but not quite here - apparently tomorrow..... I really am hoping to start moving some stuff in this weekend.

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