Tuesday, June 27, 2006

cloth paper scissors

The latest issue of cloth paper scissors arrived today and I have only had a chance to flick through it as I am still unpacking boxes from the verandah (and did it rain today and onto the verandah - however all was well) but we sent out all of the issues on order along with everything else and everything is nearly back in place from Sydney. One more day should do it. I am trying to take it all relaxingly. The one exciting thing I have had a quick look at is the article on the journal exchange I took part in which Jacinta Leishman organised. The same journals as on our website. Pokey Bolton does a great job with both of the mags and we are always honoured to be able to sell them. There is also an interesting article on Castaway which we sell and which I have not had time to play. This will be my excuse.

Paul, our architect, came by today expecting to see the paving down and was he horrified. We have decided that if we don't see this painter by the end of the week we will do it ourselves.

I have started on another little pocket book on Shanghai - so far I have bonded the plastic bag from the museum to one side of vilene - it is not that good a quality but I will seal it up with acrylic wax to protect it. Knew it was worth saving the plastic bag - it has lots of Chinese writing all over it - hopefully all related to the museum. I shall print lots of our photos onto tissutex for the othe side. One thing we couldn't find easily in China were postcards so there was no chance of paper napkins!

Think we will go out to dinner to celebrate all the work we have done. Sad to say the aussies lost the soccer last night - that is sport for you - drama right at the end. Kelvin is going for Spain and I am going for France tonight so we will see whose team wins! Not that I know anything at all about soccer - it takes longer to play than rubgy and the scores are always low - something about boys kicking a ball around.

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Jenny Bear said...

You were robbed!! Of course England will win the World Cup.



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