Friday, June 09, 2006

lubbly gluvvies

I love this time of the year - nice crisp mornings so I can wear my possie gloves when I go for my walk to get the paper. These possies are from Marnie Kelly of Touch Yarns and it's really nice to wear a little bit of Kiwi revenge. I know possums are protected in Australia but Australia (or someone visiting NZ from Australia) introduced them to NZ where they are a nasty pest. Last time we were in Wanaka I saw some fabulous garments made from possie skins. I also have a very nice scarf - seemingly dyed to match my hair but actually my hair came second.

I woke up today to a pile of emails in my in-box from lots of blog readers telling me to get working so I am. Garment is cut and pinned and sewn on on the dollie dummie and if I get that far I will post a little pic later.

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