Thursday, June 08, 2006

busy busy busy

This week has been very busy for us - the Sydney show means we have lots of things to do in the way of organising. Not that I am making superb use of my time. My Art to Wear is sort of cut out and underway - yikes I hear you say with not many days to go. My trouble is I have lost a bit of interest and need to find it quickly...... I managed to cut one piece of the front out the wrong way around so will have to incorporate that piece of twin needling somewhere else. Dollie is in the kitchen and mostly covered with fabric. Once it starts to fall into place I will feel better. All the little fiddly bits will take me time though. Tomorrow....

I also have to organise my handson workshop and once again all organised in the head but not in the kit bags. Tomorrow....

My mediaeval magic piece has been gnawing at me though and while it won't be finished before we go to Sydney, it is all sorted. I bonded some hand dyed velvet to felt and stamped on it with one of my illum stamps - I love the way the colour moves when you move the fabric around. Then I cut out pieces and am restitching them together with linking stitches. I really enjoy the hand stitching and try to take some with me when we go away - it's very relaxing. Trouble is I don't always have things ready but I am hoping to change that in the future 'cos I really do enjoy it. On top of the velvet I am planning to stitch some slips which I still have to make - some digitised and some free machine on kunin - so I will post it next week when we get back and I have a wee moment.

I aso badly want to create a little Broome piece - I am starting to think it is important to create pieces as soon as you get home or you never will. Next week - it is all planned.

I have also been sorting through the final lot of ATCs for the Make 5 Take 5 at the Sydney show - I sent most of them to Sydney last week with the stuff but quite a pile have arrived this week so they are all recorded and velcro dotted. I still have to organise the Celebrity ones yet - I hope the display looks good - there has been a super response. The Playways people have very kindly let me take their exchange to display as well. The only thing I haven't decided yet are the collection times. I am scared that if everyone wants to trade on the Wed there will be none left!

The painter has not been - turns out he is on holiday (does the man ever work?) in Queensland so it will be after Sydney before we see him. No time to move in yet anyway.

Grant is sailing his 18ft skiff on Lake Garda at Campione and after 3 days is running 3rd - there are 28 skiffs in the regatta - biggest fleet of 18fts outside Australia - we watched him sail there a few years back - it is a fabulous place. We stayed near Malcesine and at one of the resturants we visited there was a fabulous Klimt painting of that very spot. I managed to find a book of Klimt's work with the painting in it so it is a lovely reminder.

Try to post tomorrow and maybe with a pic of my garment....

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