Friday, June 23, 2006

friday's iris

Here's this morning's native iris just out - yesterday's was taken at night - they are so lovely and only last a day but there are lots of buds all ready to bloom. I have even pulled out all the dead leaves.

Tissutex hand dyed - yes Helen - it's all on the web in the Silk/Fibres - plant fibre section. I have packaged and packaged and onto the next thing. it was hard to decide how to display the colours as they are all individual and will be different next time. This is a terrible job we have with the silk cocoons and rods. I have just ordered loads more of these too.

Jacinta has also sent her silk threads and silk and wool tops in Lavender and Lace - they virtually sold out in Sydney - the rayon machine threads are on their way with some other goodies. It's hard finding new things but always exciting. I have found fine copper tissue in bulk and I think we are getting 20 kilos - it is highly suitable for stitching, putting through your pleater, patinating etc. Be fun for Ian to cut up. It's coming with the rayon threads.

Another clever name has always been Art Van Go. I also read this morning that sewing clothes is back in fashion with youth. A good sign. It is important that we nuture youth and pass on our skills - creativity is very important. Independent thinking doesn't hurt either.......

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