Wednesday, June 28, 2006

paper napkins

When we are away I am always on the lookout for interesting paper napkins - ones with good images - you can always get good ones in Italy but I have also found wonderful ones in NZ. I use them in lots of different ways and this is one time when the best quality is better. These two pics are of some I got in Italy - for one I have bonded it to a background and distressed it and the other one is a finished piece. The pears have been stitched and dipped in UTEE to protect them. As if we haven't got enough stuff in our various baskets but always worth looking out for. I seal everything with acrylic wax when I have finished. You can layer them but I will leave that for others' experimenting. The chapter I have written about paper napkins is for the book - ha ha!

Off to dinner at Luigi and Martien - the same Luigi of the Luigi lolly wrappers. He is a fantastic cook.


Dorothy Gibbs said...

Love these napkins Dale. For a minute I thought you stole my grid that I made out of a similar one... but just checked and it is still there! Phew!

Jenny Bear said...

They are beautiful napkins - nothing as good in the north of England!!


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